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Oak Grove, Kentucky


History of Oak Grove, KY and Woodlawn, TN chapters

The Oak Grove, KY Chapter was originally formed from the Woodlawn, TN chapter. Woodlawn, TN Chapter petitioned the Wingmen Nation in Sep 1993 at the national meeting in Fayetteville, NC to begin probating as a chapter of the Wingmen Motor Cycle Club. The National Executive Council approved this action and in Oct 1993 the chapter was issued its Charter and began probating with five patch holders and five probates, for a total of 10 members. The chapter probated for approximately 6 months and was patched in Feb 1994 patching 4 new members. The Chapter maintained in Woodlawn, TN until Jan 1996 at which a national decision was agreed upon to move the chapter to Oak Grove, KY. This move was to help the chapter be closer to the main strip. The Chapter has maintained in this area and has consistently grown in strength.


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